A Peek Inside Our Recent Website Redesign

A Peek Inside Our Recent Website Redesign

A Peek Inside Our Recent Website Redesign

If I said it has been a busy couple of months inside of Web Savvy Marketing, it would be an understatement at best. While summer is traditionally our slow period, we started a website redesign  and it has been a major undertaking for me and my team.

I never do anything half way and this website redesign is a perfect example of my inability to go “minor” in anything I do. Add in the fact that there are client websites builds to manage and it’s summer in Michigan and well, I feel like I’ve been pulled in a billion directions for three straight months.

In May of this year I kicked off graphic design and provided art direction on different website elements I’d like to have designed and/or coded. Design wrapped up in the end of July we began coding immediately. This coding took about a full month because – again – I just can’t do anything that could be considered normal. This applies to both my business and personal life. I tend to follow the go big or go home philosophy for life in general.

Our Graphic designer, Carla, has an amazing ability to take inspiration and purpose and bring it together into a useful and esthetically pleasing manner. An example of this is our forum’s sign up box. A lot of people missed it in the old design and I made sure Carla knew this was an problem so she could design something that would address this issue. And she did and I was thrilled because I know it will eliminate emails from confused users and it will make new theme buyers happy. We like happy.

As Carla worked on wrapping up the design, the coding team began working on creating custom post types. Now that I know what these are and how they can be used, I absolutely love them. I prefer to use these over a third party plugin because we can control the code and updates. My team of coding rock stars add these as custom plugins so they are portable should we decide to upgrade or change our theme in the future, which we will, because I tend to want this every two years.

Posted 2015-11-22 09:13:01