Introduction. The global eCommerce industry saw impressive growth in 2014 with goods and services worth $1.5 trillion bought by shoppers via desktops, tablets and smartphones. Advertisers are now spending an increasing proportion of their marketing budgets on Internet advertising. This ad spend is forecast to surpass $160 billion in 2015, of which more than $58 billion will be spent on Display advertising. (Source: eMarketer) At Criteo, we believe 2015 will be another exciting year for the eCommerce industry as mobile shopping further matures and consumer mindshare continues to be split across multiple devices. Working with thousands of advertisers and publishers, we see billions of online transactions, providing us with unique insights into online shopping behavior. Here are our top 7 predictions of what advertisers can expect — and must prepare for — in 2015:

1. Mobile share will grow to 40% of eCommerce transactions globally.

2. Cross-device marketing will be real and drive significant value for advertisers.

3. Programmatic buying will drive rapid growth in native advertising.

4. Brick-and-mortar retailers will focus even more on online strategies.

5. Mobile apps focus will shift to re-engagement.

6. Automated ad formats will offer even greater flexibility.

7. Acquisitions and consolidation will continue to intensify in the ad-tech industry.

Posted 2016-04-23 03:13:55