application development services and solutions

application development services and solutions

application development services and solutions

Starting with a strong program management focus, IT-Blocks ensures that solutions utilize the right products, are deployed using an architecture offering headroom for growth, and implemented with best practices.

IT-Blocks manage technology projects through the full life cycle, ensuring that they meet required service levels and are future-proofed to deliver as utilization grows and business requirements evolve. IT-BLOCKS provides B2B Integration Services ensuring faster cycle times and lower operations costs by exploiting the benefits of deploying IBM® B2B integration solutions that improve time-to-revenue from trading partner relationships, and minimize risk and compliance.

IT-Blocks Application Development Services:

  • Application design
  • Application Development
  • Application implementation
  • Application testing and Debugging
  • Application Rollout and Support
  • B2B Integration Sevices

IT-Blocks uses Rapid Application Development Methodology for developing tailored web-based solutions in order to ensure the interactivity with customers and quality of end-product. Using Rational and Rational Authorized tools to ensure quality of development services and version control is one of the strong points of our services.

Using different development platforms such as Java, .Net, C++ and others, IT-Blocks build different types of applications with different flavors:

  • Web-based
  • Desktop
  • Mobile platforms
  • Tablets

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