custom designed websites

custom designed websites

custom designed websites

Design is Too Important

Custom Web Design is Dead
The word "custom" implies that the customer knows more than the web designer does. It also encourages clients to pretend they are web designers, and the design of a website is far too important to let a client mess it up. Clients are control freaks, and they think that having eyes and surfing the web qualifies them as web design experts. How many amazing websites have you designed only to have it later destroyed by your customer? That happened so much at The Ocean Agency that we stopped linking to our client's websites on our portfolio. Now we just show screenshots to save us from the embarrassment of what some of our clients later did to their amazing custom websites.

Clients have no idea how many years of experience web design requires before you're any good. Nor do they understand how important professional and strategic web design is to the success of their digital marketing efforts. However, as web designers we must take full responsibility for this, and never blame our clients. Blaming the client only inhibits your ability to change and improve the situation. So instead of blaming our clients let's just take that word "custom" completely out of the equation.

Posted 2016-05-06 04:38:03