ecommerce web design toronto

ecommerce web design toronto

ecommerce web design toronto

We are a full service digital marketing agency in Toronto
 we have been offering a full range of digital marketing services to small and medium businesses in the greater Toronto area. Our sales and brand development services range from logo, website and mobile app design to content marketing and lead generation. Our digital efforts drive results.
Lead Generation and Inbound Marketing
We will help you engage visitors on your site and turn them into active consumers. We go beyond increasing traffic to your website. We start by enhancing your brand on-line and driving qualified leads to your website or mobile app. Through customer engagement we achieve strong conversion rates.
We implement coordinated marketing campaigns we integrate search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), email marketing and social media. This generates leads within your target geographic and demographic markets. After the initial success, results can spread regionally, nationally, or internationally.

Search Engine Optimization
Our SEO works – We have a proven track record of getting businesses on the first page of Google and generating more business for our clients. (Ask if we can guarantee your results)
Our efficient coding practices and remarkable contents laid out in an extremely usable manner allow us to achieve higher rankings on Google and other search engines. Our Search engine optimization process encompasses local SEO, social media, mobile marketing, content and reputation management.
The launch of a website is only the beginning of the story. It’s important to continually monitor your progress and look for opportunities to optimize or improve your SEO strategy. We use Google Analytics and other data services to uncover powerful insights about your website visitors. We’ll show you how to differentiate your most performing keywords and how to active improve how you use keywords.

Social Media Marketing
Social networking is a very powerful medium for creating and enhancing brand awareness. At Illusive Design Inc, we harness the power of social media by generating and distributing remarkable content. We generate unique content and share trendy content to drive customers to your social media and in turn to your website. Our range of Social Media Marketing services include:
•    Banner and Profile Picture Design
•    Copy writing
•    Blogs
•    Video
•    Info-graphics and Graphics design
•    App Development
•    Contests
•    Events
•    Activity tracking

Content Marketing
We believe in honest marketing. We generate and promote original, remarkable contents that are useful for people, not search engine robots. At Illusive Design we generate contents or take your contents and distribute them efficiently and thereby creating brand awareness and qualified leads. Our content marketing services include:
•    Copy Writing
•    Download opt-ins
•    Landing Pages
•    Targeted content delivery
•    Infographics and graphics design
•    Social Media events
•    Blogs
•    Web Design
•    Mobile apps

Our Digital Marketing Process
Every business now needs to focus extensively on digital marketing, web presence, mobile responsiveness and social networking. Understanding the complete digital marketing process will help you select the right partner for the job. Our proven optimization methodology has been developed through years of research and testing and we can guarantee the fastest ROI.
1.    Plan– We appreciate the value of your time and investment. We understand that having a thorough understanding of your business requirements is the key to success. Our trained project managers and business analysts will take your business requirements and tailor a solution and set specific goals to ensure the maximum return on your digital investment.
2.    Design –After the goals are outlined and the contract is finalized, your project gets going. Our consultants will develop marketing plans for you business and mock-ups for your website and mobile applications. We’ll present our concepts and visuals to you and review them several times before we begin coding.
3.    Develop – Once the designs are mostly finalized, we hit the workshop. Our marketers, programmers and developers work towards developing the features and achieving the project milestones. We ensure timely and high value development by keeping you closely in the loop. We provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports and make sure that you have constant visibility.
4.    Optimize– When the development phase of the project is completed and the final product is thoroughly tested and optimized to ensure that all the internet standards and best practices are followed. For all you marketing campaign we ensure that we achieve our targets and the effects of each campaign outlives the campaign by a long way.

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